Case Studies & Selling Record


Selling Record

  • Margot’s deep experience marketing multi-billion-dollar brands gives her the skill level to market luxury properties in a meaningful way.

  • Every one of her listings sells with minimal discounts, quicker than the average days on market, often garnering the seller over fair market value for their property. This is why her listing portfolio is often changing quickly. 

Case Study | Salt

  • Margot negotiated a 4% discount on behalf of the buyers on a private, off-market sale during the frenzy of the pandemic. Margot and Jason’s team led a full-scale interior design renovation that ultimately led to an off

  • market offer of nearly two times the buyer’s investment only one and a half years after it was purchased.

  • Margot represents this home as a rental for a few weeks every year when the owners aren’t enjoying it themselves.

Case Study | Acre

  • Margot negotiated an 18% discount on behalf of the new buyers, during the energetic days of the pandemic.

  • The land use that was designated when the buyer purchased was restrictive so after some work with the local municipalities, the buyer was able to change the restrictions. Their home is now worth more than two times what they purchased it for, only two years later. Margot represents this home as a rental every summer and it always has tenants when the owners aren’t enjoying it themselves.

Work With Us

Margot's deeply rooted professional background has proven to be the perfect backdrop to her growing business. She is results driven and relentless in providing the best experience to her clients.